a) Hungary / b) Constitutional Court / c)  / d) 31-03-1994 / e) 18/1994 / f)  / g) Magyar Közlöny (Official Gazette), 34/1994 / h) .

Keywords of the Systematic Thesaurus:


General Principles - Relations between the State and bodies of a religious or ideological nature.


Fundamental Rights - Economic, social and cultural rights - Freedom to teach.


Fundamental Rights - Economic, social and cultural rights - Right to education.

Keywords of the alphabetical index:

System, educational / School, denominational.


The new Law on public education (enacted in 1993) pursues the objective of institutionally separating State-run public schools and denominational schools. Public schools shall not be committed to any denomination. The State and local governments may only establish neutral schools. However, during a transition period of five years the State or the local government may maintain already functioning religious classes or schools. These regulations are in conformity with the Constitution which provides for a separation between the State and the church.

Supplementary information:

The decision was based on the reasoning contained in a former case (decision no. 4/1993).

One judge wrote a concurring opinion.