a)  Hungary / b)  Constitutional Court / c) / d)  19-03-1993 / e)  17/1993 / f)  Radio and Television Case / g)  Magyar Közlöny (Official Gazette), 31/1993 / h)  CODICES (Hungarian).
Keywords of the systematic thesaurus:
Constitutional Justice - Effects - Determination of effects by the court.
Constitutional Justice - Effects - Influence on State organs.
Sources - Hierarchy - Hierarchy as between national sources - The Constitution and other sources of domestic law.
Fundamental Rights - Civil and political rights - Rights in respect of the audiovisual media and other means of mass communication.
Keywords of the alphabetical index:
Media, audiovisual.
The Constitutional Court had previously declared a Government decree on the control over public radio and television to be unconstitutional. The Court set a deadline for the legislature to enact a law on mass media. The deadline expired without success. Now the Court ruled that the unconstitutional decree will be abrogated only on the very day when the newly enacted law on radio and television enters into force.